10 Jobs that Can Earn Single Moms Extra Money from Home

jobs single moms can do from homeEverywhere you go in the world, you will find single moms struggling to cater for themselves and their children. The situation is so pathetic that many of these single mothers do not have access to necessities of life. Some single moms depend on help coming from family members, governmental organizations, and others. However, these assistances are not often enough and in most cases, help does not come at all. This situation has contributed to the deplorable living condition of many single moms. Tragic as the situation is, it is not without a solution. If you are a single mom who is suffering financially, there are things you can do to earn some money from home. In this piece, you will learn about these simple 10 jobs you can do from home and make some cash to support yourself and your kids.

Jobs Single Moms Can Do From Home

1.Sell unwanted items around the house

There is no better way to make some quick cash to meet some urgent needs than to sell unwanted items in your home. Look around to see if you have got some furniture, electronics, or gadgets that you no longer need and sell them off. You may choose to sell them online on sites like eBay. This will earn you money for your basic needs.

2.Buy stuff from flea markets, clean them up and resell

If you want to know a fast way to make some cash from home as a single mom, it is by leveraging on flea markets. Do you know any flea market around your place or anywhere else? Go there, buy some stuff, come home and clean them up, then resell them for cool profits from your home, online or at a flea market. Seriously, this can be a good business for you to do and you have many people out there buying things like this. So, you will always be able to sell your items.

3.Get stuff from craigslist “free” section and sell it for money

Want to know a crafty way to make money from a little effort? Then, go over to Craigslist “free” section and browse around free stuff, pick some, and sell them for money. You see, most people are ignorance of this, but it is a top secret to making money from home for single moms. You learn about it now, so go ahead and turn those free stuff to money. It costs you nothing!

4.Taking survey

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This is another good thing that can earn you money from home. You can babysit and get paid from busy mothers. The world runs on a fast lane, and many parents get caught up with trying to make ends meet to the extent that they have little or no time to look after their kids. This is an opportunity for you to make some money babysitting from home.

6.Earn money using your skill by joining Fiverr

If you have never heard of Fiverr, you must be living under a café. Alright, if you have heard about it and ignore it, you are missing a lot. If you have got some skills like writing, graphic design, drawing, video creation, and the like, you can make a lot of money working on your computer at home. Fiverr has been a good source of income for many single moms, and you too can try it out.

7.Start using eBay

Many smart single moms who do not want to depend on others for financial help are using eBay to earn money from home. This is a marketplace that is frequented by millions of buyers and merchants daily. You definitely should consider joining the site as a merchant and start selling anything you know people may need. You can sell a new and used item on eBay and make some money. To learn more about how you can make money on eBay, go here: Single Moms and Ebay

8.Sell baked goods at your local farmers’ market or tailgate market

You may also consider selling baked goods/foods at your local farmers’ market or tailgate market. Preparing baked goods for farmers and others who throng the market is another source of income worthy of consideration for single moms.

9. Make money by selling crosses

If you’re in to crafts, you can assemble little crosses and sell them. After you make them, you can then sell them at flea markets, festivals, fundraisers, craft show or directly to Christian bookstores locally. If you have the skill, then you should consider this as a money-making method. Get started by joining Disciples Cross .

10. Run errands for seniors or the disable

Have you ever thought about this? If you have some spare time, you can make money as a single mom running errands for seniors or the disable. In the place where you live, there may be seniors or the disable who need help getting something done for them such as buying things from the market. If you can run an errand, you should try placing an ad in a local paper or CL. You will soon have people contacting you and asking if you can help them. And lastly, you can have your kids with you. This is a good source of income single moms should consider.

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