Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Parenting

advantages and disadvantages of single parentingAre you worried about how being a single parent can affect your child? Looking for more information on the above subject? If you agreed along, then you should consider reading our article below on single parent advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, it is true that parenting is one of the rewarding jobs in the world, but it can also be one of the most difficult responsibilities ever, especially being a single parent. Raising a child alone has its advantages and disadvantages.

advantages and disadvantages of single parenting

As there is the good and bad side of almost everything that happens in life, parenting, or rather, being a single parent has its ups and downs obviously. No matter what your circumstances, once you are a single parent then you must be prepared for the good and evil and treat accordingly. Before you start thinking too much about it, here are the advantages seen from being a single parent and relative disadvantages as well:

Advantages of being a single parent

1.Take all parenting decisions:
As a single parent, full authority to make decisions based on you. While this may seem a little daunting at first, you will soon realize the great thing is when it comes to taking all decisions regarding your children.

Schools your children will attend and classes that they will take, the kind of food they eat, friends, dating, places you visit, what you buy and where you do buy your things, how you and your child spends your weekends, what you do and do not and other restrictions or freedom for that child will all come from you!

2.Financial management:
As single parents, you also have the option to decide how to spend your money on the children and you. Always be in a better position to plan your finances and understand when you can make a little splurge and when you need to cut. You will also be able to help your children understand the finances and teach them how to manage money better.

When you start to plan your finances yourself, instead of going to the family income and expenditure account which you did while with your partner, you will realize that most of the decisions, as the type of home you live in and where to live, everything will be yours to make, which is a great thing and a great choice at the end of the day

3. You will bring up your children to be Super Responsible:
Despite being a single parent means you have to handle most of the work yourself, but also means you will teach your children to learn how to be responsible for their actions at an early age. Definitely, it is not humanly possible for you to do everything on your own, either for you, the home or for your children.

To be a single parent means that you will help your child to be a team player and teach him/her how to work together as a team, instead of making your child depend on you for every little thing. Let your child learn the importance of planning and management of their actions. When you want to do something for the house, such as obtaining a new piece of furniture or even shopping, chances are that you always ask for your child’s opinion. It will not only make your child feel important but also instill a sense of responsibility that will come to participate in teamwork and decision-making process every day.

4. Undivided Attention:
As children of a single parent, your children gets full attention, without worrying about your love and attention divided between you and your spouse. For as much as your child is with you, all the love and attention will be toward your child, and similarly, each time your child is with your ex, all the love and attention of your ex will also be towards him/her.

No matter the status of things between you and your ex, your child will always have the opportunity to experience the entire love and care without any negativity that might otherwise leak when you and your ex don’t see eye to eye. As single parents who are not married, however, also you have enough time on your hands without worrying about giving your time and dedication to building a new relationship. Also, once you decide to enter into a relationship, your future partner already knows about the division in the time you have, and he/she will also be in better position to understand whether or not a future relationship would work or not.

5. You do not depend on others:
When you were in a relationship with your ex, you will most likely always tried to look at the relationship as a balancing act. From working at the office to working at home to cooking or washing dishes or laundry, to assisting your child’s assignment to go to school PTA meetings, there was always a list of task that you had to decide with your partner and to know who would what. You often get into an argument with your partner when they felt he/she was always the one who was doing most of the work, or if your partner criticizes you about your ways or requests that you do more. Just to make your relationship work, you most likely tried to bridge the differences and trying to juggle more and more, which can be made to feel bitter and resentful to each other.

As single parents, however, even if the responsibility for the entire collection and management of the home is in you, you will remain your own boss. When you know that nobody else in the home to take care of certain responsibilities but only you, make sure you find a way to make yourself achieve the best of your abilities. In a positive light, you do not rely on your partner to help you with certain tasks at home or outside. You will learn to manage your time and if you don’t have anyone to help you, you’ll always be able to do it on your own.

Disadvantages of being a single parent

1. Always short of money:
As a single parent, if you do not have a financial agreement with your ex about finances, chances are that you’ll find it difficult in providing for all the expenses. While trying to take over the money situation, you can often find juggle jobs and try to take more than one job to help keep your financial situation. Not only can you put a lot of stress in your mind and your health, but can also carry a lot of your time and it is difficult to spend quality time with their children.

2. Being overworked:
Despite being a single parent will give you all the running of the house and you will be the one who takes all decisions related to your home and your children, it’s also true that you will definitely have an overload of things to look after. As you must also take care of finances, it means that you will spend a lot of time working, especially if you try to do several jobs. Lowering the financial status of a family of two incomes to one income family can be a huge change for you and your children, and in your efforts to maintain the lifestyle of your children as before, you may be overloading yourself.

3. The sense of loneliness:
Moving out of a relationship with your ex may or may not make you want to get involved in another relationship just yet, but that does not mean you will not get lonely. Whether you had an amicable relationship with her ex, you will still end up being lonely at the end of the day, and even if you have your children with you, you might want a little adult company, if only for the sake of some end of the day the cultivated talk.

4. Disciplining your child can be a problem:
Often, even as you face the impact of the loss of your relationship, your child will also have difficulty adapting to the new situation of being the child of a single parent. While you keep trying to do everything possible to make your child feel comfortable and feel safe and loved, there are times when your child feels abandoned or unloved, and can react rebelliously or aggressively. This can make it particularly difficult for you to set limits for your child and discipline them.

5. The negativity of your child:
Every child is somehow different, and how your child can react to your single parent status may not be that previously expected. It is important to remember that your child is very upset and confused about the sudden change, and there may be many cases where your child actually blames you for one of the problems that arose in your previous relationship with your ex. It is also possible that your child feels bitter with you for some time, blaming you for being selfish and breaking up a relationship and home that your child felt was so perfect.

Whatever may be your case in any of these study, just know that most times life throws huge situations at us, but it’s up to us to stay down or stand up to the challenge and find a way to live our life and give our children a childhood they will always remember and love you more for it.

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