Can a Single Parent Adopt a Child?

can a single parent adopt a childAdoption can be a daunting task to undertake by a single parent. Things can change very quickly in the life of a single parent. For example, a single parent may lose the child he or she has, or the child’s custody might have been awarded to the second parent. It could also be that the single parent just wants another child while still living as a single parent. Whatever the reason for wanting to adopt a child, there could be some challenges. However, they are all surmountable, and any single parent can joyfully adopt a child.

can a single parent adopt a child

Fortunately, the adoption procedures are easier now than in the sixties and seventies when a single parent had almost no chance to adopt a child. A single parent has the exclusive right to adopt a child today. Some single parents may wonder about the factors to consider while others may be fearful of the factors when they become aware of them. If you are a single parent, and you do not know for sure which factors to consider before adopting a child or you are fearful of the procedure, then examining these five important factors will help you to adopt a child hassle-free.

Review states regulations

One of the first thing you should know about adopting a child is that there are different laws guiding adoption in various states, and this can be confusing for a single parent. Appraisers and adoption agencies may need to check your history and also your background. Your history is needed for the evaluation process.

Get adoption counselor/lawyer

It is a good idea when planning to adopt a child to consult an experienced adoption counselor familiar with adoption laws in different states and also knows the laws of the various adoption agencies. If you do not have representation or assistance and make a wrong step, it will be difficult to fix later.

Will you adopt a child with special needs?

Another thing you need to consider is if you want to adopt a child with special needs. If you have a job outside the home, a child with special needs may be difficult for you to cater for. If you choose to adopt a child with special needs, you will have evaluators checking to see if you have a good home for the child. And this is done in the case of other children as well. Evaluators will be interested in knowing that the children will be catered for.

Home study document

The home study is a very important document because it contains your history and previous environment for evaluators to see where it comes from and what your work is, your home and family history. A smart thing to do is to go online and download a copy of the Home study so you can check in advance what is necessary. The evaluator will look round to see the overall cleanliness of your house, its suitability for a child, and the room set aside for the child.

International law

If you wish to adopt a child outside the US, you must comply with international law. Make sure this is what you want because the process could be long before final approval is given you to adopt the child. The procedure may require evaluators making trips to where you currently reside and which will eventually become the home of the child.
So as you prepare to adopt a child, consider those things we mentioned above.

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