Common Fears of Every Single Parent

Fears Of Single ParentsWhen starting a family, you would think that it has to have the father, the mother, and the baby/babies. A family is a small community and it is where charity actually begins. However, not all family are complete with both parents. Most of the time, a person are left with no choice and become a single parent. Being a single parent is not a simple thing to do. Imagine the troubles that you’ll go through, raising your child/children alone and that, you’ll never have time for yourself.

However, raising the child alone is not only the problem that every single parent has to go through. These are some of the fears that they experience every day:

1.One of the greatest fears of a single parent has to go through after a complicated and a messy divorce is that, the partner has much more money than he or she has. He or she will be the one to get the custody of the children for the reason that that person has the financial means to do more for the kids and simply draw things out.

2. Another fear is that, the other parent might come to the school and take the child and run of, while he or she is at work and somehow helpless. Though there are laws against this, whenever the single parent snatches a child and leave the country, there’s totally a lot of work and money involved in terms of dealing with the international law. There’s also a lot more than the kidnapping charge to deal with and it will only drag out the process.

3.The fear of not being able to see the child again, for the reason that the single parent was not able to put the interests of the child first is another thing. At some point, there are single parents who cannot think well, because of the trauma and the troubles of broken marriage and sort things out by doing things that both harm their custody and the child, just so, they could be with them. Kidnapping a child has similar physiological effects on the parents as well.

4.The sickness of the child is another fear that every single parents live by. They actually fear that their child or children will be taken away from them by the authorities for the reason that the single parent wasn’t able to look after her kids.

If you’re a single parent and you have all these fears, it’s time for you to get rid of this. If you know that you’re giving the comfort and best of protection to your child or children, you will never be afraid of anything.

4 Main Fears of EVERY Single Parent

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