Financial Help for Single Moms -A Step by Step Blueprint to Get Your Finances in Order

assistaneThe very first thing that most single moms worry about is finance. A lot of single moms are undergoing financial hardship because of what life threw at them. Faced with raising kids alone, providing emotional and physical care, paying bills, and much more; single parents can easily be overwhelmed and give up. There is also the challenge of managing finances in the absence of a spouse. Some single moms who have financial means to take care of themselves may soon find it hard managing the resources simply because there is no partner to guide them on a financial matters. This can quickly cause a situation whereby the single mom is in dire need of financial help to meet some obligations. If you are a single mom, what can you do to put your finances in order? In this article, you will find step by step blueprint to getting your finances in order.

Financial help for single moms , single mom need financial help

Stabilizing Debt

moneyObviously, the first most important step you want to take to put your finance in order is to stabilize your debts. Debts can quickly climb unannounced, and you might be forced to moving from pillar to post. No one likes to be disturbed by creditors, and as a single mom, the last thing you want is your phone ringing non-stop from creditors. Many single parents already have a lot to burden them, and credit card debts are an unwelcome addition. Therefore, it is vital you know how to manage your debts so that you do not unwittingly add to your burden. Granted, it might be hard to avoid debt entirely due to situations beyond your control. But, it is often better to stay out of debt if possible. However, if you found yourself as a debtor, there are bits of help available to reduce your debt.
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Seeking Assistance

Single moms constantly need supports – from whatever sources – to help them cope with challenges of life. The good news is that there are many governmental agencies and NGOs that can provide the needed financial support to single moms. If you are a single mom, you can benefit from the following programs for single parents:
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF): this is one program that is really benefiting single moms who are finding it hard to meet up with some financial obligations. Also called “welfare,” TANF was set up to help needy families. This is a federal program that is managed by the Office of Family Assistance but is carried out and administered locally at the state level. TANF provide you cash and work opportunities. If you are a single mom, this can be a good source of financial help for you.

Childcare Subsidies: In almost all the states and municipalities, you will find programs that are intended to help single parents pay for the cost of childcare. Check the availability of this program at your state or local area. The subsidies you are given will help you to care for your kids. Besides, the agency often negotiates rates with childcare providers and then decides to pay the providers directly on your behalf. You may also be given a voucher to pay the providers.

Food Pantries: Many single moms are getting support from Food Pantries, which offer food and other household goods such as clothing for children and parents. As a single mom, you can benefit from this assistance. Faith-based organizations provide food Pantries. And the good thing is that you can get access to this aid without belonging to these organizations.

WIC (Woman, Infants, and Children): This is another fine source of financial assistance for single moms. It is intended to offer help with basic needs of a family. To know how to benefit from WIC, you need to visit County Assistance Office where you will be given details about this source of help for single families because it is a government established program. One great thing about the aid WIC will provide you with is that the assistance you receive can be used to obtain various nutritious food items. The WIC program may include checks, which could be used at grocery stores. You can buy food items with the checks such as milk, bread, vegetables, and juice among others.

Adding More Funds to Household

financial help for single moms , single mom need financial helpManaging your finance also include adding more funds to your household. By this, we mean you should be doing some jobs that can bring in regular income to your home. You should not just rely on help coming from outside; rather you need to be creative and find something that you can do to support yourself and kids. Fortunately, there are many home based businesses you can do to earn some money.

Nowadays, many single moms are doing quite well working from home to support themselves. What are available jobs that single moms can do from home? There are plenty of them and they are easy to do.

Teaching Language: If you live in an area where you have many people who want to be proficient in the language that you understand very well, you can make some money organizing language class for these people.

Work Online: The Internet has long opened opportunities for single moms to earn money from home. You may offer freelance services online and make money. If you have got writing skills, graphic design skills, or you have a lovely voice to provide voiceover service, freelance sites like Guru, Elance, Freelancer, or Fiverr are the right places to offer your skill in exchange for cash.

Also, you may decide to sell goods online. Sites like Amazon or eBay are good places to start. You can sell old or new items on eBay and make money. If you have some items you no longer need, you can also sell them off to raise cash for your needs. To learn more about jobs, you can do from home and earn money both online and offline, read this piece: 10 Jobs that can Earn Single Moms Extra Money

There is no doubt that pulling cash from various sources is an important part of good financial management for single moms. It is the main blueprint to putting your finance in order and ensuring that you do not live a life of dependency.

Proper Budgeting

Planning your spending can be daunting, and most single moms would rather shrink away from it. But, there are so many benefits that you stand to gain by controlling your spending. Do not think this is an attempt to starve yourself but a way to manage the flow of money coming in and out of your pocket. This is vital if you really want to be financially sufficient.

The key to any successful budget is setting reasonable limits. This will help you to live comfortably while at the same time meeting your financial obligations. Thus, the quickest and best way to ensure the success of your budget is to set limits that are flexible and easy to follow. This calls for a serious analysis of your money – where it is coming from and where it is going. By doing this, you will be able to pinpoint any leaks and block it quickly.

Of course, pinpointing any leak and block it is not often easy, but it must be done. To make your task easy, ensure you track every purchase you made. Create a spending journal which is one way to follow your money carefully. The moment you determine where your money is coming from (your income) and where it is going (your expenses), it will be easy for you to build a budget that works for you and the kind of budget that gives you the freedom to have fun with your kids and yourself.

So far, we have discussed the blueprint to putting your finance in order. We have also examined what you can do as a single mom to earn money and showed you resources to find more help. What remains now is implementing the information at your disposal right now. This is where obstacle may set in. You need to have the self-motivation and desire to succeed.

Many single moms are scared and may not want to reach out and do what may help them to alleviate their struggles due to fear of unknown. If this situation describes you, what can you do? The first thing to remember is that to change your situation; you should change yourself. Hard as it may be, the benefits you will get in the long run will be well worth the sacrifices. Therefore, be determined to manage your finance appropriately by implementing the suggestions in this piece.

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