How Old Should My Kids be Before I Start Dating Again?


If you are a single parent, leaving your child to go on a date with someone you barely know may feel like committing a crime. And frankly, that is completely normal.
Based on your situation and the type of person you are, ditching your dating life may, or may not, be the most ideal thing to do.
So, how long should you really wait before you start Dating Again? Should you wait till your kid turns 5, a teen, or an adult?
There is no easy answer to this, or one that is universally correct. But, let us try.

Waiting is best (usually)
A huge number of single parents swear that they will never start dating as long as their children do not reach an age of 15 or 16, and they have a good reason. To be honest, that is the way it should be.
The reason is that, when it comes to mental and physical development of a child, the early years really matter. From how you talk to your child to when you put him or her to bed, everything matters.
It is simply not possible to trust a nanny or a babysitter for proper development of your child. If you want your child to become the best adult he or she can be, you must take matters on your own hand, and keep it that way.

What about the other route?
If you feel like you truly need a man in your life and cannot do without, you may start dating. But, make sure that you take each and every step very carefully in this case.
First of all, go on dates only with those people who seem responsible and mature, and who can understand your situation well. Never spend time with someone who has problem accepting your child.
Secondly, never ever introduce your child to a date unless you have known the person for several weeks, and have reached a positive conclusion about him or her, and then introduce them as a “friend”.
Thirdly, no matter what happens, keep in mind that your child is your number one priority. This is the biggest rule you must keep in mind every single second.

Refraining from dating and accepting dating can both work, but you must play by different rules.
If you choose the latter, the trick is to separate your family life and dating life with expertise, and never allow them to mix with each other. Well, at least not until you find a person who is worth introducing to your child.

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