How to Be a Single Parent and Survive

mommy-picture-quotes-1 (24)Many people experience how being a single parent and decide it’s not for them. There are many challenges to consider before making the decision to become a single parent. Not all people who can choose, it occurs most often after a divorce, death or teen pregnancy and many are not prepared for what they face. A parent can be the sole responsibility of the child and that is a huge obligation. Costs to consider in the upbringing of a child includes – food, clothing, housing, medical care, entertainment, to name a few, as well as education and university especially outdoor activities and the huge amount of time it takes parenting a child properly. For someone who is selfish and wants to enjoy his/her own life, it’s NOT for them. One parent must be willing to sacrifice probably on a daily basis. Go to the movies, buy a new CD, even taking a single walk can be set aside, at least while the child is young. That is unless you have the financial security or with a close by family. Trying to be a single parent and to maintain a career can be a balancing act that requires daily attention and focus. Be prepared to change at any time. It is possible that you are in a business meeting and you get a call that your child is sick and must be picked up from school. As a single mother who rely on itself as the primary caregiver and unless you have a network of people involved, then it is just you.

The best ways to be a single parent: Keep your money if you have a reserve of emergency trust. Find people to help you. Reach out to parents, grandparents, and friends to support you when you just cannot do it alone. Having a network of people somewhat like a support group whom you can call makes a big difference and can be the factor that helps keep your sanity. Sometimes it can be pretty crazy being a single parent. You are in demand to solve, comfort, discipline, and fun – all at the same time. It’s bath time for your child and you really would just love to have vegetables in front of the TV with a glass of wine. Sometimes you long for an adult conversation. Rather, you are there for your child or children 24/7, no kidding. No turning back once the decision to become a single parent is taken. It definitely helps if the former spouse or partner supports and share time and tasks with the child. Where this is possible, it is the best solution for you to take a break and you have time to rejuvenate. Take a bubble bath, a nap, get a real movie – I mean not an animated film for children. Even doing shopping alone can be a blessing. A crying child in the store can make a trip to buy grain tortuous occasion.

Budget your time – know what is required to accomplish. Sometimes having a super clean home can be set aside because attending to a child’s earaches or helping out with homework can be much more important. Be flexible and willing to change at any time because to have children and be responsible makes for unpredictable times. You can be in a serious business meeting and must drop everything to rush a sick child to the emergency room.

Also, you have to schedule play dates, birthday parties, oh the number of parties you may attend and presents to buy! parent-teacher conferences to find the best school and be able to pay for it . Also considered is the nursery. If you work like most single parents should be, then it must take into account the costs of daycare. How do you get enough money to pay for quality child care? Could you hire a trusted neighbor to watch your child and save money? Maybe you either need to find a second job, Create Income from home, try and get financial assistance from your family or seek financial help from a Debt Consolidation company . These are all factors to consider and know when you decide to be a single parent.
One of the best ideas is to hang out with other single parents. Meet and become friends. Then enjoy a weekly dinner in alternate homes. Sometimes you can babysit for each other and save on the expenses. Talk to the other parent can be extremely helpful. To discover what is happening can be exactly the same or different, but you can share and learn from each other.

There is nothing as rewarding as reading a story to your child and feel the love they have for you and for them. Just know that as a single parent, you can be asked to read this story every night. You do not get a break as a single parent unless we find creative ways to spend time alone and have a network of people who help you. How to be a single parent and survive and do well if measures are taken to find the best way to achieve this.

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