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Single Parents BenefitsBeing a parent is the best thing in the world, but we all know it is not an easy job. It is really hard to maintain everything in your control, from childcare, school all the way to college. And it all eventually revolves around the financials. Money has become a big problem in today’s world because everything is getting more and more expensive every day. If you have a partner by your side it is of great help but when you are a struggling single parent in need of some Financial Help , the struggle seems to be never-ending. If you are a single parent the worry about how to cope financially is never ending and overwhelming. But not to worry, there are a lot of benefits that you can use that can help you get over you financial problems. However finding your way around the different benefits you get for being a since parent is not an easy job. Some of the benefits you are entitled as a single parent a listed below.

Benefits for parents out of work or on a low income

Income support

  • This benefit is available for parent with children under the age of five. You must be at least 16 to get income support. What you will get is a basic payment (personal allowance) and extra payment (premiums). Depending on your status and age the amount of money you receive is different. Premiums are given to parents who have different circumstances (e.g. you are disabled or a career). The income support is paid every two weeks into an account.

Jobseekers Allowance

  • This benefit is available for those out of employment or looking for a job. When you are a single parent it is difficult to find a job that fits in around school or the cost of daycare. There is an Advisor service that should be able to advice you on any kind of issues that you have when looking for their job. When you get a Jobseeker Allowance how much it will be paid to you depends on things like income or savings. Payment is usually made every two weeks.

Child benefit

  • Child benefit is given to parents who have children under 16. Child benefit is given to you depending on how high your income is. There are two child benefit rates; one is for the elders or only child and another one for additional children. This benefit is usually paid every four weeks and into your bank account only. It can be paid weekly if you are getting certain other benefits.

Child tax credit

  • You could be entitled to child tax credits if your child is fewer than 16. You don’t have to be working to get this benefit.

Benefits for working parents

Working tax credit

  • This benefit is given to parents who work 16 or more hours a week and it depends on how much you earn.

Child tax credit

  • If you are a working parent you could be entitled to child tax credits if your child is under 16.

Child benefit

  • Even if you are employed you may still be given child benefit depending on your annual income

Other benefits you may be given

Housing benefit

  • This benefit is given to people who rent their home and you may apply even if you are working but it depends on the income. The amount with which you can apply will depend on the area you live in. you may get all or part of your rent. It depends on whether you rent privately or drom a council. How much you get depends on the amount of your rent, if you have a spare room, your household income and your circumstance.

Healthy start vouchers

  • If you are getting other benefits and your child is under 4 or you are pregnant you may get this benefit too. It can be used to buy milk, plain fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables and infant formula milk as well. If you are getting this benefit you may also het vitamin coupon to swap for free Healthy start vitamins. Healthy start vitamins are designed for pregnant a breastfeeding women and for growing children as well.

Prescription costs

  • If you are getting other benefits or you have a low income you may claim HC2 certificate which will help you with prescription costs.

Council tax reduction schemes

  • Whether you get this benefit depends on your local authority, but there is a chance that you should be able to apply for a reduction on your council tax as a single person. Contact your housing authority for more information.

Widowed parent allowance

  • If you are a widow and have at least one depended child, you may be qualified to get the Widowed Parent Allowance even if you’re pregnant.

There are a lot of other benefits that you can use to get your way around your financial troubles. If you are pregnant and have been working in the same firm for six months you get statutory maternity/paternity pay for 39 weeks. You also get a maternity grant if you’ve had a baby in the last three months to help pay baby equipment. If you are a parent with a low income you can get ‘passported’ benefits – these include help for each child to pay for school lunches, help with the cost of school uniform and footwear or help with prescriptions, dental treatment, eye tests and glasses or contact lenses. So all you have to do is do a good research and see if you qualify for any of the benefits. And then you can apply and start losing that weight off your shoulders. For single parents with low income who have tried budgeting and now their debts are becoming a worry can try National Debt Relief or call the “National Debt Relief” help line PH# 888-507-7959.

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