Single Parents and Poverty

single parents and povertyBeing a single parent doesn’t have to be such a bad thing at all. You can always succeed in everything you do and you can live a life that others only dream about. Society tends to be a heavy burden for single parents. We are taught that being a single parent is equal to the poverty and despair. You tell someone that you are a single parent, and they will most likely associate your predicament with something to feel pity for.

Single Parents and Poverty

There are many single parents who live in poverty. There are also many who live a life of prosperity. What then is the difference? Think for a second about the thoughts and feelings you have concerning your own situation. Do you feel the fight or pain or suffering? Do you feel like being a single parent means you’re not as able to succeed as one who is married?

Change your own associations and feelings of being a single parent. Do not listen to the things society tells you. Listen to your inner self. A lot of single parents are single because they left abusive relationships or were unsatisfactory. Just by taking that step, you are certainly heading in the right direction. Do not let that progress succumb to what society tells us is an unfortunate situation.

Your kids do not have to suffer either. As long as you are happy and satisfied and show them the love and attention they deserve then know that you are doing a better job than most parents who are married. Think about all the people who are trapped in marriages that they do not want to be in. Or one where the other partner is abusive or he/she is cheating on them. Do you think they are better than you are, simply because they have a wedding ring?

The following are some ways you can manage your life as a single parent and live above poverty:

• Create a network of family and friends. Write down all the names of people you know in your life who would be willing or volunteered to help at one time or another. They are great people to turn to when you need a babysitter, or even just to call someone who can break down the stress of being a single mother.

• Check out all the resources and opportunities available in your community. Do not be afraid to ask for financial aid or government and if you really need. Remember that there is no shame in doing what is best for your children. They are entitled to a roof over their heads and food to eat daily. Apply for public assistance or other work at home jobs, if you do not have a computer, the library has a large stock of resources available for free.

• If you are having difficulty working because of the high costs of childcare, then consider working from home where you can still take care of your children and earn a living from the comfort of your home.

• Plan towards what you desire your future to look like. If you can write it on paper, keep that goal with you so that you know you can accomplish anything in your heart.

• Creating a budget, a realistic budget you know you can afford based on your income and expenses will help you stay on track.

Success is nothing more than a thought or perception. Somehow, we succeed every day. The air we breathe, we love our children and we contribute something to the world. If you want to increase your level of success, increase your awareness of the opportunities around you.

Single parents should not live in poverty or automatically experience a lower quality of life. We can develop and make more money than married couples. We can also spend more quality time with our children and also attract partners who are all that we seek.

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